Filet Mignon in Mushroom Wine Sauce
Prep Time: 30
Total Time: 45
Serves: 4
From: Natasha's Kitchen
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4.00 tbs Unsalted Butter
2.00 tbs Olive Oil
16.00 oz Baby Bella Mushrooms
0.50 Yellow Onion
4.00 Garlic Cloves
1.00 tbs Thyme
4.00 Filet Mignon Steaks (6 oz)
0.50 cup Merlot
1.50 cups Beef Broth
0.50 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
0.00 Salt and Pepper
1. Place a large heavy-bottomed pan over medium/high heat and melt in half of the butter and oil.
2. Add thickly sliced mushrooms and cook until soft.
3. Stir in onion and cook until translucent.
4. Press in garlic cloves then season with salt, pepper and fresh thyme. Stirring constantly until garlic is fragrant, then transfer mushroom mixture to a plate. Wipe the skillet clean with a wet paper towel.
5. Pat dry steaks with a paper towel and season all over with salt and pepper.
6. Place the same pan over medium/high heat and butter and oil. When butter is hot and finished foaming, add seasoned steaks to skillet and sauté, turning over once with tongs about 3-5 min per side for medium-rare
7. ***If steak is browning too fast, reduce heat to medium. Use tongs to transfer steaks to the plate with mushrooms.
8. Add the Merlot and boil until reduced by half, scraping the bottom with a spatula to deglaze the pan. Add beef broth and boil until about ⅔ cup liquid remains. Add cream and boil until sauce thickens slightly.
9. Return mushrooms and steak to the pan and heat until warmed through. Season sauce to taste with more salt & pepper if desired.